Meaning of croton oil in English:

croton oil


mass noun
  • A foul-smelling oil, formerly used as a purgative, obtained from the seeds of a tropical Asian croton tree.

    The tree is Croton tiglium (family Euphorbiaceae)

    ‘In the former case this procedure was followed by injections of croton oil and/or hydrocortisone, and in the latter case only by enough air to maintain the size of the original ellipsoid.’
    • ‘Witch hazel also exhibited a strong antiphlogistic effect in the croton oil ear edema test in the mouse.’
    • ‘The trial developed that administering arsenic and croton oil to old men was by no means the defendant's only foible.’
    • ‘In contact with the eye, croton oil causes severe keratoconjunctivitis with pain, swelling, and purulent discharge.’
    • ‘Topically applied emu oil significantly reduced severity of acute auricular inflammation induced by croton oil in mice.’
    • ‘Plasma cytokine levels were not changed by croton oil treatment.’