Meaning of croupade in English:


Pronunciation /krʊˈpeɪd/


  • A movement performed in classical riding, in which the horse leaps from the ground with its legs tucked under its body.

    ‘Ballotade is similar to croupade but differs in the fact that the horse, when pulling his hind legs under, turns his hooves so, that his hind shoes can be seen from behind.’
    • ‘The courbette, capriole, croupade, and levade are actually cavalry moves.’
    • ‘The spotlight event was an exhibition of cadenced, old-school courbettes, croupades and caprioles, all of them stylizations of the leaping, twisting, fighting and frolicking of high-spirited horses in pasture.’
    • ‘And the curvets, caprioles, croupades, done by the horsemen of the Cadre Noir, in the saddle or working the horse in hand, have hardly changed since the carousels performed to music by Lully before the Sun King.’
    • ‘Originally, the school was formed in the 18th Century to hone the skills of cavalry men, but has gone on to evolve dressage into ‘Haute Ecole’, a style which requires the horsemen to move in intricate formation with their beautiful high-stepping Lipizzaners performing such balletic movements as pirouettes, croupades and ballotades.’


Mid 17th century French, from Italian groppata, from groppa ‘croup’.