Meaning of croustade in English:


Pronunciation /krʊˈstɑːd/


  • A crisp piece of bread or pastry hollowed to receive a savoury filling.

    ‘we had mushroom croustade with a hazelnut topping’
    • ‘Nowadays croustades are considered old-fashioned in France; they may still be encountered on buffet tables at grand receptions, or as an accompaniment to drinks.’
    • ‘There were also dense slabs of chocolate fondant, and an apple croustade with a light, frilly crust that melted to butter in your mouth.’
    • ‘There is a wonderful recipe from that region for a croustade that encases apples and prunes in Armagnac.’
    • ‘Use this flavored oil for basting, for croustades, and for keeping things from sticking to your grill.’
    • ‘Fresh goat cheese on toasted croustade topped with grilled vegetable medley tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.’
    • ‘Return the croustade to the oven for 10-15 mins, to heat through, then remove from the tin and serve on a warmed plate.’
    • ‘Simply cut croustades in desired shape and size from puff pastry dough sheets.’
    • ‘Store the croustade shells covered in a dry area.’
    • ‘Spoon into the bread croustades and serve hot, garnished with snipped chives.’
    • ‘The great thing about this easy appetizer recipe is that these little croustades can be stored in an airtight tin for up to 2 weeks.’
    • ‘A creamy Brie filling piped into a croustade shell, topped with chopped Macadamia nuts and baked til golden brown’
    • ‘The croustades are made in mini tartlet tins, which are available in trays of 12; what they are essentially are croutons made into tartlet cases.’
    • ‘Pile the creamy mixture into the freshly baked croustades, top with the lids and serve straight away with a large green salad on the side.’


French, from Old French crouste or Italian crostata ‘tart’ (from crosta ‘crust’).