Meaning of crow-pheasant in English:



  • A coucal (bird), especially the greater coucal, which has black plumage with chestnut wings and back and is found in southern Asia.

    Genus Centropus, family Cuculidae, especially C. sinensis

    ‘Birds such as koel, mynas, babblers, kingfishers, hoper and crow-pheasants are also found here.’
    • ‘Warblers, red-vented bulbuls and crow-pheasants will keep company for some time.’
    • ‘It prompted numerous bird species - bulbuls, barbets, hill mynahs and crow-pheasants - to begin their orchestra.’
    • ‘Originally classed with the Cuculidae, the coucals (crow-pheasants) have been given a separate family by Sibley and Monroe.’