Meaning of crow-pheasant in English:



  • A coucal (bird), especially the greater coucal, which has black plumage with chestnut wings and back and is found in southern Asia.

    Genus Centropus, family Cuculidae, especially C. sinensis

    • ‘Birds such as koel, mynas, babblers, kingfishers, hoper and crow-pheasants are also found here.’
    • ‘Warblers, red-vented bulbuls and crow-pheasants will keep company for some time.’
    • ‘It prompted numerous bird species - bulbuls, barbets, hill mynahs and crow-pheasants - to begin their orchestra.’
    • ‘Originally classed with the Cuculidae, the coucals (crow-pheasants) have been given a separate family by Sibley and Monroe.’