Meaning of crow quill in English:

crow quill


  • 1A quill pen made from a large feather of a crow's wing, formerly used for fine writing.

    1. 1.1also crow-quill penA small, fine pen for map drawing.
      ‘Throughout his career, Millar remained true to the old school of cartoonists: All of his drawings were done with crow-quill pens and were hand-lettered.’
      • ‘His technique includes two styles - a fine-line application using a crow-quill pen and a bold-line applied by mechanical pen.’
      • ‘I use the ‘old style’ drawing tools: a crow-quill pen which is dipped into a bottle of ink and then scratched on the paper.’
      • ‘I know what it takes in time and effort to fill that space with a crow-quill pen.’
      • ‘After which they picked up their crow quill pens and resumed scratching away at the parchment ledger books.’