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  • A person or thing with great popular appeal.

    ‘once again, the group has produced an album which is bound to be a crowd-pleaser’
    • ‘I mean, don't tell me that I'm turning into a politician, skipping over the real problems to focus on the flashy, easily remedied crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘By their nature, sports movies are crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘He moved to Las Vegas and lived there, he moved to Hawaii and lived there; by 1974, he was earning up to $US20,000 a week, belting out crowd-pleasers in his big, big voice.’
    • ‘He once gave us gorgeously-designed spectacles that not only challenged Hollywood's hegemony over blockbuster crowd-pleasers, but beat Hollywood at its own game by making his blockbusters smarter and more stylish.’
    • ‘The lack of substance in Hollywood crowd-pleasers is constantly decried, harking back to some golden moment in the 1970s or even the 1930s, when films could stimulate the mind as well as satiate the senses.’
    • ‘With dates in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines ahead of her this week the songstress insists that she will continue to play the crowd-pleasers despite hating some of the songs.’
    • ‘I've liked both albums they've released, and it was good to hear the crowd-pleasers and so on being performed - but somewhere along the line there's just needs to be some variety.’
    • ‘There are far more people at their concerts these days; possibly because they avoid most of their own albums, and play some old-time crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘Their wonderfully playful set took in reggae and funk as well as the reliably prickly outbursts of their infectious and catchy crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘The evidence suggests that reinventions, in any guises and at whichever end of the scale, are surefire crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘Football chairmen should rise above being simply crowd-pleasers.’
    • ‘Drum solos are reliable crowd-pleasers: the audience goes wild; the rest of the band gets a breather.’
    • ‘She was a clever theatre programmer who would mix crowd-pleasers with less obvious work and still keep the punters coming.’
    • ‘The crowd-pleasers always get the spotlight, while the straight men do their stuff.’
    • ‘The main flaw of this show - designed to be a crowd-pleaser in many ways - is its lack of critical engagement with the photographer's own claims about her work.’
    • ‘So although it was a crowd-pleaser with magnificent tutus, there were heart-stopping moments as young dancers struggled to fully realise difficult choreography.’
    • ‘It was a crowd-pleaser, the number one protest song.’
    • ‘He speaks reverently about his fans and their dedication to his music, and he's a genuine crowd-pleaser when it comes to playing the songs they want to hear.’
    • ‘Certainly it's a crowd-pleaser, coming away with the audience prize from several world-class film festivals.’
    • ‘Catching only the last few songs from this band was disappointing as they seemed to be a big crowd-pleaser and when the end came there was lots of shouting and clapping for more.’
    attraction, focus, focal point, enticement, pull, crowd-pleaser, draw, lure, allurement, temptation, invitation, fascination