Meaning of crowfoot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrəʊfʊt/

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nounplural noun crowfoots

  • A herbaceous plant related to the buttercups, typically having lobed or divided leaves and white or yellow flowers. Many kinds are aquatic with flowers held above the water.

    Genus Ranunculus, family Ranunculaceae: many species, in particular the European water crowfoot (R. aquatilis)

    ‘Whitewater crowfoot and the tiny aquatic mosquito fern grow in the water, while monkeyssflower is common nearby.’
    • ‘But fly-fishers claim mute swans are stripping these rivers of water crowfoot, an aquatic plant crucial to trout and the insects they eat.’
    • ‘We go down to a circular pond, speckled yellow and white with water crowfoot, and take the valley base to Cote Head Farm which looks nice and has friendly farmers.’
    • ‘This is the first record of Ranunculus parviflorus (stickseed or small-flowered crowfoot) from the District of Columbia.’
    • ‘It's hardly a river, a few yards wide but very clear, and swirling with water crowfoot that will flower in the summer.’
    • ‘The river is designated as a European Special Area of Conservation for its water crowfoot communities but, like many of England's rivers and lakes, it is failing to meet the Government's environmental targets.’
    • ‘The Environment Agency has been giving nature a helping hand by re-introducing water crowfoot plants into the River Coln near Whelford.’
    • ‘Cream violet and littleleaf crowfoot are common on the stream banks.’