Meaning of Crown attorney in English:

Crown attorney


  • another term for Crown prosecutor

    ‘It is the wish of both the Crown attorney and the accused through his counsel that sentencing proceed today in the absence of a pre-sentence report.’
    • ‘The transcript on withdrawal of the charges shows that prior to trial, with a different Crown attorney, the charges against the plaintiff were withdrawn.’
    • ‘The Crown attorney's reasoning for only charging him with manslaughter was that the he's still a young boy, and the judge wouldn't give him murder one.’
    • ‘‘He has a flagrant disregard for the societal norms of animal care; he has a complete lack of respect for the rule of law,’ charged the Crown attorney.’
    • ‘I came to know who the informant was because of a leak in the Crown attorney's office.’
    • ‘Committees are made up of volunteers who are approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General and work with Crown attorneys, police, victims' services and probation officers.’
    • ‘The judge ruled that Crown attorneys had failed to overcome the defence team's claims.’