Meaning of Crown Court in English:

Crown Court


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  • (in England and Wales) a court of criminal jurisdiction, which deals with serious offences and appeals referred from the magistrates' courts.

    ‘Their effect is the early transfer of jurisdiction for management of such cases from magistrates to the Crown Court.’
    • ‘This concerns an order for costs made by the Crown Court on an appeal from a magistrates court.’
    • ‘It follows that there was no jurisdiction in the Crown Court to make the determinations which it did in December 2001.’
    • ‘Accordingly, if his evidence is not accepted by the magistrates or the Crown Court, there is a reflection upon his character.’
    • ‘However, an appeal lies to the Crown Court against any order made by a magistrate under the 1984 Act.’
    • ‘The applicant appeared at the Crown Court charged with two offences of indecent assault on young girls.’
    • ‘That is more satisfactorily achieved in a Youth Court than in a Crown Court.’
    • ‘This appeal now proceeds in relation to the second offence following the dismissal by the Crown Court of the appeal.’
    • ‘The appellant was convicted of driving with excess alcohol and appealed to the Crown Court.’
    • ‘The case will eventually be dealt with in the Crown Court, as the charges are too serious for magistrates to preside over.’
    • ‘Indictable offences are more serious and are tried in the Crown Court before a judge and jury.’
    • ‘My Lord will remember that in this case the Crown Court made a specific appeal to the general public interest in deciding to grant this appeal.’
    • ‘His appeal to the Crown Court was heard in June and July 1999 and was dismissed.’
    • ‘There is a right of appeal to magistrates and thereafter to the Crown Court.’
    • ‘From his arrest until his acquittal at the Crown Court, the Applicant was on bail.’
    • ‘They did not appear in the Crown Court, where the appellants had separate solicitors and separate counsel.’
    • ‘On 5th October L appeared before the Youth Court and was committed to the Crown Court.’
    • ‘Her conviction by the Crown Court was quashed by the Court of Appeal but restored by the House of Lords.’
    • ‘Five questions have been posed by the Crown Court for the consideration of this court.’
    • ‘The matter eventually became before the Crown Court a year later when the Claimant was put on probation.’