Meaning of Crown dependency in English:

Crown dependency


  • A territory that is under the sovereignty of the British Crown but does not form part of the UK. The Crown dependencies are the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

    • ‘We aren't part of the UK. We are a crown dependency but have our own government and coins and laws and stuff!’
    • ‘The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the United Kingdom but direct crown dependencies.’
    • ‘Many are crown dependencies, such as Jersey.’
    • ‘They remain "crown dependencies"; they are among the "other realms and territories" referred to in the royal title.’
    • ‘Robin Hugh Gibb was born on December 22, 1949, on the Isle of Man, the British crown dependency, about half an hour before Maurice.’
    • ‘Guernsey is a crown dependency, meaning it is not part of the United Kingdom but is still subject to the Queen.’
    • ‘In areas such as Thetford and the crown dependencies of Jersey and Guernsey, the Portuguese form the largest ethnic minority groups at 30% of the population, 20% and 3% respectively.’
    • ‘It meets on average once a month and among other things performs certain judicial functions, including hearing appeals from several Commonwealth countries and crown dependencies.’
    • ‘Tuckwell is an Australian citizen who lives on the island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands, which are British crown dependencies.’