Meaning of crown green in English:

crown green


  • A kind of bowling green which rises slightly towards the middle.

    as modifier ‘crown green bowls’
    • ‘The Bowling Club suffered the joys and pain of the crown green game during a see-saw weekend for the club.’
    • ‘It's a message that will not be lost on the hierarchy of the crown green game, which is going through a lean time.’
    • ‘The Panel, the professional arm of crown green bowling, is gearing itself for a return to the good old days.’
    • ‘Watching the multiple games occurring in all directions at once across a crown green bowling lawn is an spectating experience worth seeking out.’
    • ‘Hours after the death of his wife, a top crown green bowler overcame his grief to claim an important victory in a famous tournament.’
    • ‘Family and friends have paid tribute to a champion crown green bowler who has died at the age of 55.’
    • ‘The campaign is aimed at clubs, so there's no age barrier - you could be a 75-year-old crown green bowler looking for a new ball or a 12-year-old gymnast desperate for a new beam.’
    • ‘The sport of crown green bowls is heavily reliant on attracting youngsters, and there have been some superb performances from them this year.’
    • ‘They have other events planned, including cricket, crown green bowling matches and an 80s-themed night, to reach their goal.’
    • ‘In his later years he became an enthusiastic supporter of crown green bowling.’
    • ‘She had been playing crown green bowls for an hour with friends before she passed-away.’
    • ‘By 1914 there were said to be 600,000 crown green players in the north of England, competing for considerable money prizes.’
    • ‘A new body has been formed with the aim of returning the game of crown green bowls to its former glories.’
    • ‘I wish he would play something less dangerous - like crown green bowls!’
    • ‘Meanwhile, an appeal has gone out for spare crown green bowls for the youngsters.’