Meaning of crown labourer in English:

crown labourer


historical Australian
  • A convict.

    ‘a crown labourer could be assigned to a free settler’
    • ‘The settler will in the second year of his settlement, require an additional crown labourer.’
    • ‘Only those willing and capable of performing the ordinary work of a Crown labourer will be received.’
    • ‘If those 10,000 crown labourers were employed in clearing and fencing farms, they would clear and fence a sufficient quantity of land every year for several thousand farms.’
    • ‘There are, at this present time, in the year 1826, upwards of 25,000 male convicts, able-bodied crown labourers.’
    • ‘His Crown labourers drew a prize when they entered his service, seldom leaving it, if well behaved, but as free men.’