Meaning of crown of thorns in English:

crown of thorns


  • 1A large spiky starfish of the tropical Indo-Pacific, feeding on coral and sometimes causing great damage to reefs.

    Acanthaster planci, class Asteroidea

    • ‘It looks an impossible job when a soft-bellied gastropod like the triton tries to demolish a spiky crown of thorns starfish.’
    • ‘The crown of thorns starfish, one of the largest of the sea star group, measures approximately 45 cm across its seven to seventeen arms.’
    • ‘They could have chosen the ugly and destructive crown of thorns starfish instead.’
    • ‘Nudibranchs dotted the undersides of the coral and a spiny crown of thorns sea star moved slowly underneath a plate coral.’
    • ‘I'm a film maker, I've been diving the reef for 37 years now and the last 18 months I've spent a lot of time on it filming crown of thorns.’
  • 2A Madagascan shrub of the spurge family, with bright red flowers and many slender thorns. It is a popular houseplant and is sometimes used for hedging in the tropics.

    Euphorbia milii, family Euphorbiaceae

    ‘Hat rack cactii and pencil bush are both euphorbias, as is crown of thorns, so I'd consult a doctor about those, too.’
    Also called Christ's thorn
    1. 2.1Any of a number of thorny plants, especially Christ's thorn (Ziziphus spina-christi ).
      • ‘The evergreen holly was worshiped as a promise of the sun's return, and some say that Christ's crown of thorns was made of holly.’
      • ‘Some believers think the crown of thorns was made of this type of tumbleweed.’
      • ‘In medieval times it was the belief that Jesus crown of thorns was blackberry brambles.’


By association with Christ's crown of thorns.