Meaning of Crown research institute in English:

Crown research institute


New Zealand
  • Any of nine government-owned agencies engaged in scientific and industrial research.

    ‘scientists at New Zealand's largest Crown research institute have made a crucial discovery’
    • ‘There is never enough money for, say, health research, or institutional funding for Crown research institutes.’
    • ‘His own company is involved in developing a joint venture with the Crown research institute IRL.’
    • ‘Cabinet would be considering the report of the Crown Research Institute Taskforce.’
    • ‘The document states there must be good employment practices conducted by all of the Crown research institutes.’
    • ‘It is great to hear a Crown research institute talking about social returns.’
    • ‘But let me return briefly to the issues of research, science, and technology and Crown research institutes.’
    • ‘A crown research institute is required to operate as a commercial business.’
    • ‘We would like to see more investment in research, and we've got the Crown research institutes based in the Wellington region.’
    • ‘This is a positive partnership between business, the Crown research institutes, the universities, and the community.’
    • ‘At the Scion crown research institute's sprawling Rotorua campus, surrounded by forest, it's a step back in time to 1970s architecture where, naturally, everything is made of wood.’