Meaning of crown wheel in English:

crown wheel


  • A gearwheel or cogwheel with teeth that project from the face of the wheel at right angles, used especially in the gears of motor vehicles.

    ‘This same product also secures the crown wheel to the differential to prevent fretting (wear caused by small metal particles generated on assembly).’
    • ‘The grey gearwheels are crown wheels with normal cylindrical gearing on the outside circumference.’
    • ‘The teeth of the crown wheel act upon the pallets alternately and cause the balance to oscillate.’
    • ‘The process is not so straight forward in a clock equipped with a horizontal crown wheel as this one is.’
    • ‘The great spur wheel and the lay shaft crown wheel have wooden teeth turning cast iron pinions.’
    • ‘The yarns were attached to the crown wheels on the jack and joined together on the single hook on the cart.’
    • ‘It had a new back axle with twin wheels out of alignment and double crown wheels and pinion.’
    • ‘The hands of the clock are connected to the shaft of the crown wheel by a system of gears.’
    • ‘As the weight falls, it sets the crown wheel moving round in jerks or ‘ticks’.’
    • ‘With our rally development work we have found that the crown wheels and pinions previously available have inherent faults in the gear cutting, materials, design and heat treatment.’
    • ‘The most likely distortion to occur as the result of whacking the ‘other end’ is the rather permanent one of a cast crown wheel resolving itself into at least two parts.’
    • ‘The internal diameter of hardened crown wheels are ground by holding the component in pitch line chucks to ensure accuracy of the finished gear.’
    • ‘Parts of the main drive machinery remain: the main shafts and crown wheels from two of the main water-wheels; and the horizontal shaft which provided power, via belts and lines, to the machinery.’
    • ‘The organisation excels as recognised crown wheel manufacturers that conform to strict national, international and environment standards.’
    • ‘It can be confirmed that the first information about clocks with crown wheels was found in Italy and that the noble art of clockmaking was born there.’
    • ‘The ingenious contrivance for this purpose consisted of a crown wheel, rotated by the falling weight, whose teeth drove the pallets of a verge backwards and forwards.’