Meaning of crowned crane in English:

crowned crane


  • An African crane (bird) with a yellowish bristly crest, a mainly black or dark grey body, a lot of white on the wings, and pink and white cheeks.

    Genus Balearica, family Gruidae: two species, in particular B. pavonina

    ‘It houses over 50 individual birds made up of 12 different species including the sacred ibis, crowned cranes, hammerkop, white-cheeked touraco and lilac breasted roller.’
    • ‘We came across approximately 150 gray crowned cranes - Uganda's national bird - feeding in pastures.’
    • ‘In separate marsh habitats there are cranes too, the crowned crane from Africa, the Manchurian crane from the Orient and our own Sarus.’
    • ‘The other species of crane that is in Zambia, is the crowned crane, a very common bird on the Kafue Flats and Luangwa valley.’
    • ‘So far taxonomists have identified less than two million distinct species, mostly mammals and birds, such as this crowned crane of East Africa.’