Meaning of crowned pigeon in English:

crowned pigeon


  • The largest known pigeon, which has mainly bluish plumage and a tall erect crest, found in New Guinea.

    Also called goura

    Genus Goura, family Columbidae: three species

    ‘You can get your fill of toucans, hornbills, crowned pigeons, green pigeons (which are beautifully coloured), birds of paradise, parrots et al, but really it is not so different from any modern conventional zoo.’
    • ‘Other modern representatives include the crowned pigeons of New Guinea and the tooth-billed pigeon of Samoa.’
    • ‘Giant crowned pigeons, small wallaby kangaroos, cassowary birds, tree kangaroos, and wild boars are abundant within an hour's walk of the village.’
    • ‘There was a large enclosure near the parking area that contained a pair of Eclectus Parrots, a pair of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, and several crowned pigeons.’