Meaning of crowning glory in English:

crowning glory

Pronunciation /ˌkraʊnɪŋ ˈɡlɔːri/


  • 1The best and most notable aspect of something.

    ‘the scene is the crowning glory of this marvellously entertaining show’
    • ‘Though her subsequent world titles established the Australian at the pinnacle of her event, the crowning glory was an emotionally charged Games in 2000 when she realized a childhood dream.’
    • ‘Cities are considered the crowning glory of a country and cultural heritage resources are the jewels in the crown which need to be treasured, preserved and revered by custodians of the culture.’
    • ‘Its 101 titles include the Sheffield Star, the Lancashire Evening Post and the Wigan Evening Post, while its crowning glory is the Yorkshire Post, one of Britain's most respected dailies.’
    • ‘His crowning glory was of course in 1977 when he supervised the building of our beautiful new Church of Christ, The Prince of Peace at Fossa, set close to the heavenly woodland shores of Lough Lein.’
    • ‘When he died, on Tuesday, he controlled a business empire worth more than £20m that included his crowning glory: Edinburgh's Point Hotel and Conference Centre.’
    • ‘The Skipton School of Art and Media is the crowning glory of 100 years of art education at the college and represents the biggest development for arts and media education in Craven and the surrounding district.’
    • ‘The crowning glory of the regeneration group's work has been the huge success of the Market House which has been developed to offer a wide range of community facilities.’
    • ‘The 1996 Commonwealth Games title was his crowning glory.’
    • ‘Funds poured into a restoration appeal and the Iona Community is now a world-famous centre for religious pilgrimage, with the restored abbey its crowning glory.’
    • ‘Since the 1790s, Bedford and his father had been creating a gallery of classical and neoclassical sculpture and The Three Graces was its crowning glory.’
    acme, peak, height, pinnacle, zenith, culmination, climax, high point, high spot, optimum, highlight, crowning glory, crowning point
    1. 1.1mainly humorous A person's hair.
      ‘he had a great mass of raven hair and he was very proud of this crowning glory’
      • ‘Average height, chunky but not fat, with this long, dark, beautiful, shiny hair, her crowning glory you might say, that she sometimes wore in a bun or let loosely lay around her shoulders.’
      • ‘It was the vibrant flame of her hair, her crowning glory, which made her so instantly recognizable.’
      • ‘Penny's crowning glory is her beautiful, natural blonde hair and she was petrified she would lose it as a result of the cancer treatment.’
      • ‘Anna had a banner of blue-black hair that was truly her crowning glory.’
      • ‘Your hair can indeed be your crowning glory if you treat it right!’
      • ‘The elderly men and women who assembled in the city on Wednesday to celebrate World Elders Day could hardly complain about lack of attention simply because their crowning glory was silver and their skin, somewhat wrinkled.’
      • ‘While the elements - wind, rain or humidity - are blamed by some women, others say they just don't have the time needed to create a crowning glory out of otherwise lank locks each day.’
      • ‘Members of Devizes School's under-16 football squad raised £400 by sacrificing their crowning glory on Friday.’
      • ‘A woman's crowning glory gets a new look this weekend.’
      • ‘Patricia was delighted to answer questions on any aspects of looking after our crowning glory!’