Meaning of cru in English:


nounplural noun crus/kruː/ /kʀy/

  • (in France) a vineyard or group of vineyards, especially one of recognized superior quality.

    ‘the newest of the Beaujolais crus’
    • ‘Inert vats have no effect on the taste of Chablis and allow the wine to express the terroir of a particular cru, without any external influence.’
    • ‘It's a dandy little red wine that may remind you of a cru Beaujolais, but a bit spicier.’
    • ‘The categories were then ranked by a simple, numerically descending scale, first to fifth, called premier cru, deuxième cru, etc, each defined by, or defining, the price paid for them by the Bordeaux wine trade.’
    • ‘This is the cru bourgeois classification, which has three divisions: cru bourgeois, cru bourgeois superior and cru bourgeois exceptional.’
    • ‘The real story of Beaujolais is found in the 10 cru wines named after villages, which have been the unwitting victims of decades of abuse of the Beaujolais name.’
    • ‘The cru of Fleurie, however, has a terroir that would be the envy of the Cote D' Or. Southern slopes with western protection from the Atlantic rain systems are covered by well drained, rocky soils, all resting on granite.’
    • ‘This is not as well served in Ireland, but considered the top cru by most, with prices to match for the best wine.’
    • ‘The other two properly south-facing slopes across the river contain the best premiers cru vineyards of La Fourchaume, Montée de Tonnerre and Mont de Millieu, as well as a few hectares of ordinary Chablis vineyards.’
    • ‘What works well here is this elegant but often overlooked cru from Beaujolais, strikingly violet in colour with a deep rich nose and a meaty wash of intense cherry and plum skin.’
    • ‘This is yet another Beaujolais cru which develops with time into a glorious mouthful.’
    • ‘Bordeaux's best wines initially were classified back in 1855 into five different levels, from first cru classé to fifth cru classé, and the amounts that can be produced are limited.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it was so good that the brilliant small communes, or cru - including Morgon, Moulin a Vent and Fleurie, for which the region has been famed since Julius Caesar's conquest - were almost erased from memory.’
    • ‘What I try to avoid is mass-produced bottom-of-the-barrel troisième cru vin de table distilled from grapes grown in a soil unsuitable for the Chardonnay grape being passed off as potable.’
    • ‘For instance, one of the top wines made in the legendary vintage of 1990 was Sociando-Mallet, a low-ranked château (with an official rating of cru bourgeois) that consistently makes some of the best wines of the region.’
    • ‘That's a pity since there are some nicer, older crus available.’



/kruː/ /kʀy/


French, from crû, literally ‘growth’, past participle of croître.