Meaning of cruciality in English:


Pronunciation /kruːʃɪˈalɪti/


See crucial

‘But beyond that, surely, the narrative wants to attest to the irresistible cruciality of the Israelite prophet and the God of the Israelite prophet who is the healer of the nations.’
  • ‘This is the first chapter of the long account of life in the land and voices a primal thesis concerning the cruciality of the Torah that is to dominate the entire account to follow.’
  • ‘In his mind, he could still see his father's gleaming eyes when he reminded Michael again, a few hours ago, about the cruciality of the dinner.’
  • ‘It is just here that we see the cruciality of the ‘in Christ’ formula freely used by Paul.’
  • ‘For example, in a comedic story, the concept of cruciality may be turned on its head.’
  • ‘It's no wonder that so much of the church is feeble today when so much of the church denies the centrality and cruciality and efficacy of the cross.’
  • ‘He begins to place a much greater emphasis upon perinatal events than before, and speaks much less of the cruciality of the events of early infancy.’
  • ‘He is referring to what I would call the test of cruciality.’
  • ‘The foreign ministry has repeatedly put forward and stressed the cruciality of the issue during all its meetings.’
  • ‘Observe also that the coalition of liberal/radicals and gradualists will continue to criticize many evangelical theological concerns - especially the cruciality of the new birth, deliverance from the guilt and power of sin, and even the necessity of conversion itself.’