Meaning of crucian in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkruːʃ(ə)n/


(also crucian carp)
  • A small olive-green to reddish-brown European carp of still or slow-moving waters, important as a farmed fish in eastern Europe.

    Carassius carassius, family Cyprinidae

    ‘Ron likes the match lake as it has a good head of mixed fish including carp, roach, bream, orfe, crucians and some good koi.’
    • ‘However, pike, salmon, sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, carp, crucian carp, tench, chub, barbel, zander and other exotic species have all been caught.’
    • ‘There are also rudd, bream, eels, gudgeon, crucian carp, tench, minnows, perch, sticklebacks, the odd trout, pike and barbel present.’
    • ‘All lakes contain mixed species including roach, tench, bream, crucians and perch.’
    • ‘Besides these phylogenetic analyses, recombination events were occasionally observed between transferring alleles of silver crucian carp and color crucian carp.’
    • ‘More recent introductions include double figure bream, carp to 20 lb and many roach, rudd, skimmers, tench and crucians.’
    • ‘I continued to fish on, catching crucians with the odd roach to 1lb 6oz for the next 4 hours.’
    • ‘I love shallow, weedy, silted up estate lakes to pursue crucian carp, tench, bream and carp and I love the sort of creeping and crawling tactics needed to get within inches of the fish.’
    • ‘Despite being a member of the carp family, crucians are much more delicate feeders than their larger cousins.’
    • ‘A feeder angler was taking some nice tench and crucians on corn.’
    • ‘All the carp were removed in order to prevent them hybridising with the crucians (most important if you want to keep the strain pure).’
    • ‘Twenty years later, with the extraction site flooded, the lake began to produce rudd, perch and crucian carp to a few local anglers.’


Mid 18th century from Low German karusse, karutze, perhaps based on Latin coracinus, from Greek korax ‘raven’, also denoting a black fish found in the Nile.