Meaning of cruciate ligament in English:

cruciate ligament


  • Either of a pair of ligaments in the knee which cross each other and connect the femur to the tibia.

    • ‘Hyperextension can result in injury to the anterior cruciate ligament or posterior cruciate ligament.’
    • ‘Those which took longest to recover involved the anterior cruciate ligament and knee cartilage.’
    • ‘Primary stabilizers of the knee are the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, the medial and lateral collateral ligaments, and the capsular ligaments.’
    • ‘After having a scan, I have since found out that I've torn my medial ligament and ruptured my cruciate ligament as well.’
    • ‘Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligaments is among the most common forms of knee injury, particularly among individuals who engage in sports.’