Meaning of crude oil in English:

crude oil

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mass noun
  • Unrefined petroleum.

    ‘vast reserves of crude oil were discovered in the region’
    • ‘At the current price of around $30 per barrel, the US economy consumes $570 million worth of crude oil daily.’
    • ‘Backward vertical integration minimizes the risks of interruption in the constant flow of crude oil to its refineries.’
    • ‘For the last year at least, virtually every nation that can produce crude oil has been producing flat out.’
    • ‘Crude oil has the ability to spread out on sea water, eventually to form a film which is only a few molecules thick.’
    • ‘Refineries can't process the crude oil that is piling up.’
    • ‘The first thing to understand about petroleum is this: crude oil is only valuable because it can be made into other things.’
    • ‘Unless there is a recovery in crude oil prices, real tax reform, and a further depreciation of currency, the company will struggle to survive.’
    • ‘Crude oil prices have fallen precipitously in real terms.’
    • ‘The report notes the shock in store for families this winter when price increases for crude oil show up in large increases in home heating bills.’
    • ‘In past times, crude oil usually was considered to be a nuisance, a condition that changed only when people found ways to create products from it that people wished to buy.’
    • ‘Whether the high price of petrol at the pumps was the result of the fluctuations in the world price of crude oil or that of the now discarded fuel tax escalator—or more likely the combination of the two—is all but entirely beside the point.’