Meaning of crudo in English:



mass noun
  • A dish of raw fish or seafood, typically dressed with oil, citrus juice, and seasonings.

    ‘starters include crudo, garlic shrimp and polenta, and risotto with scampi’
    ‘we started with the yellowtail crudo, which was delicious’
    as modifier ‘I recommend a nice bottle of wine and several crudo plates’
    • ‘New Yorkers are currently big on crudo, an Italian version of sushi.’
    • ‘A trio of Pacific Fish crudo we once tried, with the exception of the tuna, was unexciting.’
    • ‘He offers six varieties of crudo, the Venetian-inspired take on sashimi that's currently ubiquitous on Manhattan menus.’
    • ‘Once you have prepared your tuna crudo with olive praline and caper espresso, you can plump for the next hot trend: Bring Your Own Food to a Dinner Party.’
    • ‘Ideal Meal: Lobster and fluke crudo, fried calamari, whole grilled dorado, pear-cranberry crisp.’
    • ‘He began his hesitant explorations with a simple though surprisingly nice crudo of yellowfin and yellowtail tuna intermingled with uni and bits of citrus.’
    • ‘Then there is his hamachi crudo – the most delicate white yellowtail imaginable, sliced thin and marinated in Meyer lemon and olive oil, sprinkled with pine nuts.’
    • ‘You might opt for a plate of crudo, in three small but bracingly fresh variations, each topped with a different type of salt.’
    • ‘The tuna crudo was a smart presentation of sliced fish alongside flavorings of pequillo pepper, fried capers and a house-made citrus oil.’
    • ‘There are crudo bars springing up all over Manhattan, so you can bet your carrot batons they'll be here soon.’
    • ‘Standout appetizers included a chic crudo plate of hamachi, fluke and tuna.’


Italian, literally ‘raw’.