Meaning of cruel and unusual punishment in English:

cruel and unusual punishment


  • A category of excessively severe punishment banned under the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution (and originally under the English Bill of Rights)

    ‘this is an important case that confronts the issue of what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment’
    • ‘He was freed in October, after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.’
    • ‘They just don't care if someone is wrongly accused, and they could not care less about torture or cruel and unusual punishment.’
    • ‘They want to stay and control the country and its resources, even if our military is subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.’
    • ‘We are supposed to be free from bond being denied us while we await trial and free from cruel and unusual punishment.’
    • ‘He was unjustly smeared by FBI leaks and unproven allegations, and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment without a trial.’
    • ‘Our liberal elite understands when leniency has to end and cruel and unusual punishment must begin.’
    • ‘So the US basic law specifically outlawed "cruel and unusual punishment."’
    • ‘Excessive bail and fines, and cruel and unusual punishments are forbidden.’
    • ‘Right to privacy and cruel and unusual punishment issues were also raised.’