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Pronunciation /ˈkruːɪt/

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  • 1A small container or set of containers for salt, pepper, oil, or vinegar for use at a dining table.

    ‘‘I've got my eye on a salt and pepper cruet set - they're only £18,’ she said.’
    • ‘He also worked on virtually every form of vessel, large and small, from salts and cruets to beakers to candelabra, and from tureens to rose water sprinklers.’
    • ‘These items included decanters, beakers, essence-bottles, cruets, wash-hand bowls, sweetmeat saucers, epergnes, vases, lemonade cups, ‘gugglets’, and ‘four elegant cut candlesticks enamel'd mosaik work very rich’.’
    • ‘It's the reverse of birthdays, this laying out outside the meats and cheese, cruets of oil standing sentry at the table and each guest barely able to breathe in the funerary wreaths of citronella haze.’
    • ‘Illustrated in the book is a table with a flower arrangement, special breakfast cruets, small linen napkins, and a porcelain breakfast service.’
    • ‘Of the four, cruets provide the most accurate stylistic guide to date attribution, notably when fitted into hallmarked silver stands or frames.’
    • ‘In this case too, it is difficult to find early cruets with all of the glass components intact.’
    • ‘George lunged for the cruet set; Melanie for the butter dish; Nat was frantically hoarding toothpicks.’
    • ‘Competition will be for the prettiest cruet set.’
    • ‘Haven't got a cruet set, mind, but then again I'm not sure I'd know what to do with one if I did.’
    • ‘The cruet set is marked, and an inventory of 1799 lists a vinagrera de gallos (rooster cruet set).’
    • ‘The maker's mark is that of Samuel Wood, a caster and cruet frame maker who rarely employed chased decoration.’
    • ‘Glass flower vases, cruets, or carafes used to hold water, wine, oil or other liquids may develop stains in the bottom when allowed to set for a long time.’
  • 2(in church use) a small container for the wine or water to be used in the celebration of the Eucharist.

    ‘I took the finger towel and glass cruets of water and wine to the credence table at the right of the altar and put out the bell on the step where I would be kneeling at the consecration.’
    • ‘The sacristians were in the sacristy to see all was in order, vestments laid out, candles lit, cruets filled with water and wine.’
    • ‘A table by the bedside, covered in a clean white cloth, held two lighted blessed candles, a crucifix, a cruet of holy water and a sprinkler.’
    • ‘It stands about a foot and a half off the ground, and there are miniature implements to go with it - a chalice, a paten, cruets, candles, and an altar cloth.’


Middle English (in cruet (sense 2)): from Anglo-Norman French, diminutive of Old French crue ‘pot’, from Old Saxon krūka; related to crock.