Meaning of cruise ship in English:

cruise ship

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(also cruise liner)
  • A large ship that carries people on voyages for pleasure, typically calling in at several places.

    ‘the couples enjoyed fine dining aboard the cruise ship’
    • ‘Residents are bracing themselves for a proposed expansion of cruise ship traffic, from one a week to as many as five a week.’
    • ‘They had to wait for the boom season of summer, when luxury cruise ships bring an influx of potential customers.’
    • ‘When he was aged 17, he went to sea as a steward on a luxury cruise ship.’
    • ‘The couple had declined to take out a policy through their travel agency before boarding a cruise ship to the Bahamas.’
    • ‘You could spend a lifetime exploring this city, but you'll find yourself equally excited to board the cruise ship and continue on your journey.’
    • ‘Luxury yachts are docked in the harbour, and giant cruise ships are anchored at swimming distance from the beach.’
    • ‘Melissa saved up some money while working as an entertainer on a cruise ship.’
    • ‘She won a ticket for a luxury cruise liner.’
    • ‘An increase in the number of cruise liner dockings at the harbour was clearly visible.’
    • ‘An often overlooked aspect of the big cruise liners is that they have well-stocked libraries, so reading can be a major part of the relaxation.’