Meaning of cruisy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkruːzi/

adjectiveadjective cruisier, adjective cruisiest

  • 1Australian, New Zealand Relaxed or easy-going.

    • ‘I spent three cruisy days with my folks’
    • ‘We both tried to adopt a laid-back, cruisy attitude about not having plans or a schedule.’
    • ‘We have a cruisy drive back pulling in for petrol once.’
    • ‘So Friday will be a cruisy day hanging out in the office and think about the weekend ahead.’
    • ‘I figured they were breaking me in and not giving me a chance to think this would be a cruisy job.’
    • ‘Opera Bar is one of the best bars in Sydney, if you are after a very cool, cruisy and friendly vibe.’
    • ‘It's the most stressful, and the most responsibility I've ever had, but the cruisy environment I work in coupled with my fun workmates makes it an enjoyable experience.’
    • ‘In between, there are ' hard to resist ' dub instrumentals that maintain Naked's cruisy flow.’
    • ‘The group is about to launch its 3-track debut CD, featuring the cruisy summer groove of ' Mellow Day '.’
  • 2(of a place) used by people searching for gay sexual partners.

    • ‘he was assaulted near a cruisy park’
    • ‘They later confirmed that he was assaulted near a cruisy park by an ex-lover.’
    • ‘It was a grubby, grotty, sleazy, cruisy dive, but it had atmosphere, and we all loved it despite ourselves.’
    • ‘In this specific instance, I'd also pretend that married straight guys sometimes go to cruisy video arcades to pick up porn magazines for their straight male friends.’