Meaning of cruller in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌlə/

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North American
  • A small cake made of rich dough twisted or curled and fried in deep fat.

    ‘Then, with bittersweet feelings, we realize how much we love what our parents loved - the long, fried crullers at dim sum; the smells of strange-looking fruit in Chinatown; the simplicity of chopsticks in one's hand.’
    • ‘For five minutes, everyone either threw down exact change or made their own change without any notice from Ralph; he was just too busy pouring coffee or retrieving crullers to pay any attention to the money situation.’
    • ‘For homecomings and family gatherings, there is usually a sumptuous spread of cakes and pastries, including crullers and thin pancakes rolled around whipped cream.’
    • ‘I grab some coffee and a cruller and make my appointed rounds.’
    • ‘Think again of height and weight: The two are related, but there are other variables - a fondness for exercise, a taste for chocolate crullers - that can determine how much you weigh.’
    • ‘After that, I stopped at a corner stall where people were standing around eating - as I'd hoped, it was a place that made fresh dumplings and crullers - breakfast food.’
    • ‘She bit into her cruller, shaking her head, and cast a look to Kieran.’
    • ‘Mark then completely forgot about his cruller and headed for his dressing room.’
    • ‘The sooner he could get this ‘journey of discovery’ over with, the sooner they'd be on a plane home and the closer he'd be to a powdered cruller and a decent cup of coffee.’


Early 19th century from Dutch kruller, from krullen ‘to curl’.