Meaning of crumb structure in English:

crumb structure


mass noun
  • The porous structure or condition of soil when its particles are moderately aggregated.

    ‘good crumb structure depends on the amounts of clay and organic matter in the soil’
    • ‘However, even heavy soils and subsoils can drain adequately if they have good crumb structure.’
    • ‘Amongst all kind of structures described above the crumb structure is the most ideal for crops.’
    • ‘It usually has granular or crumb structure, but it has subangular blocky structure in some pedons.’
    • ‘A soil with good crumb structure usually has some clay, some sand and some organic matter.’
    • ‘The crumb structure also allows water to soak into the soil from rain, especially heavy rains.’
    • ‘It has weak subangular blocky to weak granular or crumb structure or it is massive.’
    • ‘The sponginess of the crumb structure is extremely conducive to soil aeration, and to infiltration of water and dissolved nutrients into the soil.’
    • ‘Prairie soil, having a crumb structure of bigger constituent parts, is ‘fluffier’ than agricultural soil, which is another way of saying it's less dense.’
    • ‘Soils which have lost crumb structure need mulch cover to re-build.’