Meaning of crumple zone in English:

crumple zone


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  • A part of a motor vehicle, especially the extreme front and rear, designed to crumple easily in a crash and absorb the main force of an impact.

    ‘Alternatively, the crumple zone in the larger vehicle can be designed to crush at the same rate and degree as that of a lighter car, so that they absorb the same amount of energy.’
    • ‘Since you don't have a crumple zone, the material has to take in all the force/energy and transfer it.’
    • ‘What we have done in the front is we have a structure that is very similar to a car structure, which means that it has a crumple zone.’
    • ‘The car has safety-cage construction with front and rear crumple zones, side-impact protection, dual airbags and antilock brakes.’
    • ‘On the front end the car manufacturer designed tiered crumple zones that absorb energy at different rates based on the type of steel used.’
    • ‘Safety features include airbags (driver and passenger), high-mounted third stoplight, rear crumple zones, side door impact beams and a collapsible steering column.’
    • ‘The vehicle also lists rollover and side impact protection, extensive crumple zones and driver airbag among further safety features.’
    • ‘The strong chassis, large crumple zones, excellent impact absorption and multiple airbags (including one under the steering wheel to prevent it from kneecapping the driver) won it five EuroNCAP safety stars.’
    • ‘Seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags, controlled crumple zones, side impact bars, passenger safety cells and even pop-up roll over bars are now found on cars to help the passengers of vehicles survive accidents.’
    • ‘But it would be an inescapable fact that purchasers of a family car are, in general, hoping to find beneath its tin shell the soul of a family car - by which they mean airbags and rigid crumple zones and room to stow bicycles, please.’
    • ‘The car looked the worst for wear, as it should have done because its energy-absorbing bodywork, with several crumple zones made up of different strength steels, took the impact rather than the occupants.’
    • ‘Some cars are designed to better protect their occupants with crumple zones, passenger roll cages and reinforced door beams.’
    • ‘For example, improved crumple zones enable the greater part of an impact to be absorbed by certain parts of the chassis, while the more rigid the structure the more it is a safety cage.’
    • ‘Today, there is a judicious use of crumple zones (where energies are absorbed) and the shell around the passengers is very rigid.’
    • ‘The introduction of crumple zones, disabled lavatories and seating rules for trains travelling over 100 mph had added weight and reduced capacity.’
    • ‘The trend for bigger, heavier cars is being fuelled by the need to include ever larger crumple zones and the desire to offer greater internal space.’
    • ‘While many drivers now consider side-impact bars, airbags and crumple zones a necessity, they too add weight to the car.’