Meaning of crunch time in English:

crunch time

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  • A moment or period when decisive action must be taken or work completed.

    • ‘the day I visited, it was crunch time—two days before the presentations’
    • ‘This is crunch time right now.’
    • ‘Spring looks like crunch time as studios need to release the backlog of blockbusters to bring audiences back.’
    • ‘This time of year is crunch time for my family.’
    • ‘Almost 20 per cent said they had experienced crunch times which lasted longer than two months.’
    • ‘When crunch time comes and you're out of product, what are you going to do? ’
    • ‘We are just getting to crunch time here on the red carpet.’
    • ‘Around crunch time at the end of the school year, it's especially important to exercise , eat right and get plenty of shut-eye.’
    • ‘It is crunch time for retailers.’
    • ‘It's crunch time at the nation's airports.’
    • ‘We know it's crunch time and this is something we've been waiting for.’