Meaning of crush barrier in English:

crush barrier


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  • A barrier, especially a temporary one, for restraining a crowd.

    ‘Introduced to the club by his auntie and uncle at the age of seven, he became a regular in the Celtic end, perched on a crush barrier behind the goal.’
    • ‘Five police officers, with a double crush barrier in front of them stopped the parade when it made its token efforts to follow the traditional route.’
    • ‘Not just the concrete treads and risers, but their dimensions, their form of construction, and not least, the very style of crush barrier upon which millions of football fans would lean over the ensuing decades.’
    • ‘Today, however, the livestock pens are empty and the area is cordoned off, its crush barriers hung with No Entry signs and placards saying ‘Collection Centre Staff Only’.’
    • ‘‘There were 1,800 fans inside the auditorium and another 400 outside jammed between crush barriers shouting, ‘We want Paul, George, John and Ringo’ throughout the concert.’’
    • ‘In fact, 400 Beatlemaniacs were jammed behind crush barriers outside the York Mecca-Casino that night, November 27, 1963.’
    • ‘There were no crush barriers underneath the stage.’
    • ‘We were right up against the crush barriers and took advantage of our position by once again hanging around at the end for anything we could blag off the security guys.’
    • ‘We were right at the front, up against the crush barriers!’
    • ‘It is Thursday afternoon and crush barriers have been erected outside Wigan Athletic's JJB Stadium.’
    • ‘Terraces were reconstructed in concrete, additional crush barriers were added, and telephones and loudspeakers were introduced for internal communication, allowing turnstiles to be closed instantly as problems became visible.’
    • ‘Already, St Peter's Square and the sweeping thoroughfare of Via della Conciliazione that leads to it are a maze of crush barriers as organisers try to herd pilgrims into groups of more manageable numbers.’
    • ‘The football ground's capacity is less than 3,000 and it's believed that concerns over the open-terraced crush barriers left council inspectors with no other alternative than to demand the game be postponed.’
    • ‘But now to meet modern safety and comfort standards and increase capacity, a big job is need on the North bank to put in concrete terracing and crush barriers.’