Meaning of crush on in English:

crush on

phrasal verb

informal US
  • crush on someoneBe infatuated with someone.

    • ‘he's awesome, so it wasn't too surprising that other girls were crushing on him’
    • ‘David, their 12-year-old neighbor, has developed an innocent crush on the older sister.’
    • ‘Darcy was pre-eminently the sort of guy shy girls would have crushes on.’
    • ‘For years, Elaine had harbored a secret schoolgirl's crush on George.’
    • ‘A cameraman on the show has an unrequited crush on your character.’
    • ‘I suspect many of you think I have a crush on Ben.’
    • ‘I think I have a platonic crush on you.’
    • ‘A few months later I had a similarly intense crush on a boy.’
    • ‘I admit I initially had a crush on you!’
    • ‘I know a young man who has a crush on an older woman.’
    • ‘In junior high, I had a crush on a girl who I will name Cynthia.’