Meaning of crush zone in English:

crush zone


another term for crumple zone
  • ‘The central position of the engine also enlarges the crush zone between the engine and the front bumper reducing the deleterious effects of frontal and offset collisions.’
  • ‘New crush zone panels will be fitted on the doors and bumpers.’
  • ‘Cars are being designed to improve survivability of the driver and passengers, side impact bars, airbags, crush zones, soft steering columns and fittings, etc.’
  • ‘Making the crush zones stiffer for the lighter car is likely to decrease the safety levels for its occupants where a crash between two light cars may occur, or a crash between a light car and a rigid object such as a tree.’
  • ‘Grade 80 high-tensile steel is used in the side sills, underfloor spars, and in the crush zones of the front and side frames.’
  • ‘Conversely, in low speed accidents or wildlife collisions, your stock bumper crush zones may suffer more damage than necessary.’
  • ‘The airplane features crush zones beneath the cockpit, intended to compress at a rate that will protect the occupants.’
  • ‘The vehicle's front and rear sections are engineered as crush zones to absorb impact energy, while passengers are protected by a high-strength cabin structure at the centre of the vehicle.’