Meaning of crushable in English:



See crush

‘The car has been given a safety make-over, too, with crushable zones designed to absorb a collision in a controlled way and keeping the car's occupants safer, while side impact beams are fitted in the front and back doors.’
  • ‘These flowers combine every virtue, the portentous groan of brass, the blackish sheen of crimson: to the eye, the crushable texture of velvet, but to the fingertip, the bruise of baby skin.’
  • ‘Pedestrian safety has not been overlooked either: with the bonnet, engine cowl and front bumper having a crushable design.’
  • ‘Made of crushable nylon for easy storage, it's the perfect casual bag. $85’
  • ‘A well-designed protective helmet comprises an outer semi-rigid shell and a suspension system either of a strap harness or a layer of crushable foam beneath the shell.’