Meaning of crushed velvet in English:

crushed velvet


mass noun
  • Velvet which has its nap pointing in different directions in irregular patches.

    • ‘They are available in yellow, white, and multicolored stripes and come in silk, linen, crushed velvet, Egyptian cotton, cotton sateens, and even cashmere.’
    • ‘Touchy-feely fabrics such as fur, sheepskin, suede, crushed velvet and silk will dominate, in deep colours reflecting their opulent nature - aubergines, olives, purples and chocolates.’
    • ‘Materials like silver kid and alligator with velvet or crushed velvet linings add luxury touches to grown up footwear.’
    • ‘Organza makes a great splash along with tulle, lace, elegant luxury fabrics combined with glittering chantilly, crushed velvet, jersey with lurex and iridescent cady.’
    • ‘These techniques give walls the dramatic effect of crushed velvet, parchment, chamois leather, watered silk or brocade.’
    • ‘If you want a pattern of crushed velvet, you can iron the velvet, pile down, over interesting textures, such as rubber stamps & other items.’
    • ‘It was then that she realized that it was made of crushed velvet with satin lining.’
    • ‘I've bought a long deep blue crushed velvet cape and a bright blue Chinese satin jacket.’
    • ‘She wore a long, flowing gown of crushed velvet.’
    • ‘He is probably best remembered for splitting his trousers during a performance, an incident that grabbed so many headlines he then made an act of regularly splitting his crushed velvet jumpsuit.’
    • ‘Am I really ever going to wear a long green crushed velvet dress again?’
    • ‘The luxury rooms will come complete with space-age bathrooms specially made in Denmark, leather headboards and crushed velvet bedspreads.’
    • ‘On to the important questions: where did you get that fabulous black and burgundy crushed velvet cape?’
    • ‘Or, think about a faux silver fox boa or steel colored crushed velvet shawl for movie star glamour.’
    • ‘It wasn't really cold outside, but I wore a full-length dress made of thick crushed velvet.’
    • ‘Her dress is an elaborate, short-sleeved evening gown of crushed velvet.’
    • ‘A dark stage with one spotlight shinning on a lone figure, a tall slender man wearing a crushed velvet navy blue jacket with a matching top hat.’
    • ‘He wore black pants and a crushed velvet coat with a poet shirt on.’