Meaning of crustiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌstɪnəs/


See crusty

‘An old African buffalo, or a Canadian bison, has, of course, his spells of crustiness, and is then unpleasant, but the boar is always peeved about something or other.’
  • ‘It produces crustiness, stiffness, disease and dribbling.’
  • ‘The bruschetta had a great balance of textures and flavors - the crustiness of the toast, the bite and the creaminess of the chickpeas and the snap of the vinegar and oil.’
  • ‘From that point on, his curious mix of affability, crustiness and wit had the audience hanging on every sung or spoken word.’
  • ‘Damp cotton wool can be used to clean away any crustiness around the eyes.’