Meaning of crusty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌsti/

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adjectiveadjective crustier, adjective crustiest

  • 1Having or acting as a hard outer layer or covering.

    ‘crusty bread’
    • ‘Lake Manyara was ringed by crusty salt deposits’
    • ‘But I'm still not eating the crusty bits of bread, even if you held me down and force fed me.’
    • ‘Alternatively, it is just as nice on its own with a crusty piece of bread.’
    • ‘There's a choice of Italian cold cuts - you know the list, capicollo to mortadella to prosciutto - served on crusty fresh bread.’
    • ‘They also may be dome-shaped with a crusty layer or ulceration.’
    • ‘Try it as a tasty snack served on top of toasted crusty chewy bread.’
    • ‘The vegetable casserole stood on the newly tiled work top ready to re-heat, enough for two with the crusty brown bread she had bought that morning.’
    • ‘The resulting cake is golden, incredibly moist, light and fruity, with a slightly crusty edge, and it is very hard to stop at just one slice.’
    • ‘The bread basket full of hot, crusty rolls sets the right hospitable tone.’
    • ‘Look at the soil - does the soil look soft and mellow, or is it hard and crusty?’
    • ‘The coconut bean soup was good, and the accompanying bread was fresh and crusty.’
    • ‘The formations tower over the river basin below like ancient sentinels standing watch over the crusty earth that conceals the fossilized treasures concealed within.’
    • ‘The chicken and mushroom soup was delicious and came with a sizeable section of hot crusty baguette.’
    crisp, crispy, well baked, well done
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  • 2(especially of an old person) easily irritated.

    ‘a crusty old Scots judge’
    • ‘Old crusty reporters know that when an official denies anything, it's a good time to begin probing it.’
    • ‘I guess the movie was targeted towards teenage girls, as opposed to an old crusty man such as myself.’
    • ‘He's crusty and he's tough, and he stands very firmly for his positions.’
    • ‘We were met off the plane by a crusty gentleman called Lukas who had been sent by the prominent and notorious pop band member's record company.’
    • ‘He still lives with his crusty father Martin.’
    • ‘From the outset, she is not sure she will survive this touchy encounter with a legendary fisherman who taught her everything she knows and is one tough, crusty character.’
    • ‘Add a crusty engineer and his manic assistant, and you have the makings of a team any law-abiding citizen should think twice before calling in to stop trouble.’
    • ‘Let it never be imagined that this crusty scholar was not an independent thinker!’
    • ‘But crusty scholars in dusty rooms are not the only source of mathematical ideas.’
    • ‘Their great days are behind them, and like crusty old men, they've turned bitter and twisted, watching the young whippersnapper across the sea party, get hungover, and party again the next night.’
    • ‘She is all alone in the world, or so she thinks, when she suddenly inherits a rundown shack up north, which comes complete with a crusty old grandfather and some other surprising relatives she didn't know about.’
    • ‘There were young couples like us and old crusty looking investor types measuring the land and imagining how many units they could squeeze onto the property.’
    • ‘And you can't beat that crusty old hypocrite, Joseph, for comic relief.’
    • ‘The court rooms play host to crusty gout ridden old men that wouldn't know justice if it was to smack them on the snout.’
    • ‘He wants to play the crusty sergeant in those old war movies - the guy who doesn't flinch as bullets whiz by, while privates freak out.’
    • ‘Cartoons usually depict archaeologists as crusty old fogies, covered in cobwebs, and obsessed with old bones and cracked pots.’
    • ‘An elderly, crusty monster of a man, with a voracious appetite for drink, and a vocabulary of approximately twenty words - all of which have subsequently entered the fecking public lexicon.’
    • ‘Knighted in 1944, he was the traditional crusty Englishman, on and off the screen; once, after dropping a catch, he stopped play to summon his butler to fetch his spectacles.’
    • ‘And that meant a group of tired and crusty councillors were not able to get to a very important item until late in the afternoon of Feb. 10.’
    • ‘Are those gastronomic geniuses really a crusty lot?’
    irritable, bad-tempered, irascible, grumpy, grouchy, crotchety, tetchy, testy, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, peevish, cross, fractious, disagreeable, pettish, crabbed, crabby, waspish, prickly, peppery, touchy, scratchy, splenetic, shrewish, short-tempered, quick-tempered, dyspeptic, choleric, bilious, liverish, cross-grained
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nounplural noun crusties

(also crustie)
  • A young person who is homeless or travels constantly, has a shabby appearance, and rejects conventional values.

    • ‘she cuts a curious figure amid the crusties and mud-stained tree-huggers’
    • ‘There were lots of different sorts of people there - from outwardly completely conventional to complete crusties.’
    • ‘On TV it's just another spectacle, the usual suspects - students, lefties, crusties, CND, unions, blah, blah, blah - saying the usual things.’
    • ‘Inside the venue was a mix of aging punks, football supporters, crusties and a smattering of Germans.’
    • ‘Optimistic crusties with unusual skin disorders busked tunelessly on flutes.’
    • ‘What about those urban crusties who hate globalisation and all that stuff?’
    • ‘There were some young crusty / hippy types controlling the juke box in the pub last night.’
    • ‘This week's model was some hippie / crusty chic - she had one of those interesting haircuts that are popular with alternative Italians - a long bit at the back, short on the sides and over part of the top.’
    • ‘‘All my crusty pals are delighted,’ said my informant.’
    • ‘There were a lot of crusty kids in there so it already stunk.’
    • ‘And there's a couple of crusty guys with dreads sitting in there drinking milkshakes and stuff!’
    vagrant, vagabond, homeless person, derelict, down-and-out
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