Meaning of cry for the moon in English:

cry for the moon


  • Ask for what is unattainable or impossible.

    ‘there must be no more self-pity, no more time wasted on crying for the moon’
    • ‘If she cried for the moon, he'd borrow every ladder in the parish and lash 'em together to get up.’
    • ‘When my brother was a baby, he cried for the moon and would not be comforted.’
    • ‘When the baby cries for the moon, you do not give him what he wants.’
    • ‘I haven't cried for the moon, and have been sensible in my demands; but there has nevertheless been this sense of boredom with everything, with my family and with my work.’
    • ‘He cried for the moon by complaining that the media failed to put this speech on their front pages.’
    • ‘I'm all in favour of ambition but I think when he says he'll be a millionaire by the time he's 25, he's simply crying for the moon.’
    • ‘His life is apt to appear to him a constant succession of small checks to his wishes, which he finds opposed either by the constitution of things, as when he cries for the moon, or the will of his elders, as when he is forbidden to sit up till midnight.’