Meaning of cry foul in English:

cry foul


  • Protest strongly about a real or imagined wrong or injustice.

    ‘deprived of the crushing victory it was confidently expecting, the party cried foul’
    • ‘But the opposition cried foul, accusing the government of manipulating the votes.’
    • ‘Political parties have cried foul at the king's move, calling it an unconstitutional and undemocratic step.’
    • ‘Protest and counter-protest occurred, with the Germans crying foul and furiously questioning the rules.’
    • ‘A group of outdoors enthusiasts who built secret cabins on Mount Fromme and have been using them for the past 15 years are crying foul over a North Vancouver District plan to tear down their forest hideaways.’
    • ‘Italy fared no better, but they did not depart without a moan, crying foul after an honest 2-2 draw between Sweden and Denmark ended their hopes of progressing to the knock-out stages.’
    • ‘The controversial cover of the University of Winnipeg's creative writing journal has some contributors, editors and students crying foul.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly the opposition is crying foul and is calling for a national referendum on the matter given that the minority Labour government is reliant on a handful of Green votes to get the legislation up.’
    • ‘But those who support her opponent are crying foul.’
    • ‘So there's no reason for these people to be crying foul.’
    • ‘This sounds eminently reassuring, but I cannot believe that we will get through the forthcoming election without somebody, somewhere crying foul.’