Meaning of cry from the heart in English:

cry from the heart


  • A passionate and honest appeal or protest.

    ‘It will be a cry from the heart as much as a plea to open the wallet.’
    • ‘This is my cry from the heart on Australia Day, for right now, I am concerned that we are seeking to squash the hopes of people who need it most - desperate people heading for Australia, an island of hope.’
    • ‘It's actually a cry from the heart for the Labor Party as a whole to gather its resources, its intelligence, its energy and it's passion.’
    • ‘I read that statement as a kind of cry from the heart.’
    • ‘They co-wrote this song, a plaintive cry from the heart, which helped Gaye to find some measure of redemption before his tragic death in 1984.’
    • ‘It's a cry from the heart for the West, united in righteous and understandable anger, to pause for thought before taking the next fateful step.’
    • ‘The film is a shattering cry from the heart but it is rendered all the more effective by its sense of calm, controlled restraint.’
    • ‘It's an indelible moment - a cry from the heart of a woman who would never let anyone see her tears over her decision to remain ‘merely’ a maid so that her sometimes ungrateful children can get ahead.’
    • ‘The letter from his mother, who knows Tom has died, is a cry from the heart for him not to go to the front.’
    • ‘There is no better evidence that both Tresy and Tim are right than the agonized cry from the heart this young woman shows us in her latest post, dated today.’
    call, shout, exclamation, yell, shriek, scream, screech, bawl, bellow, roar, whoop