Meaning of cry it out in English:

cry it out


  • 1Weep until one is soothed or exhausted.

    ‘he broke your heart—cry it out, girl’
    • ‘at 18–24 months, we did have to let our son cry it out a little’
    • ‘Good thing his BFF was there to let his boy Jonathan cry it out on his sunburned shoulders.’
    • ‘There's nothing right about allowing a 5 month old to cry it out in order for him to sleep on his own.’
    • ‘Children have been crying it out for generations.’
    • ‘She faced heartbreak head-on and couldn't help but cry it out.’
    • ‘Go and cry it out on your mama's lap.’
    • ‘Back then women had easy access to a family member to cry it out with, babysit, share recipes, or borrow a cup of sugar.’
    • ‘I just said: "You're embarrassing yourself, lad," and let him cry it out.’
    • ‘After I'd cried it out I thought just go in there and make videos.’
    • ‘Was it a mistake to let her eat all that sugary stuff, and should we give her what she wants now, or let her cry it out?’
    • ‘My gut says she needs to cry it out and get over it.’
    1. 1.1cry-it-outA method of sleep training in which a young child is left to fall asleep on their own and is not immediately comforted when they cry.
      ‘parents have been doing cry-it-out for generations’
      • ‘she created strategies to help parents thrive without resorting to cry-it-out sleep training’
      • ‘Parents have been doing cry-it-out for generations, usually with no long-term damage.’
      • ‘I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it because "sleep training" in the cry-it-out sense sounded incredibly harsh to me.’
      • ‘All of you who are saying that cry-it-out is emotionally harmful, could you cite your peer-reviewed studies on the subject?’
      • ‘The problem with using this logic to support cry-it-out practices and advising other parents to follow suit is this describes the minority experience.’
      • ‘Mainstream parenting media are asserting once again that the cry-it-out sleep paradigm is harmless to babies.’
      • ‘Many schools of thought for parents still stress scheduling sleep and forcing children to sleep by themselves (the cry-it out method).’
      • ‘Parents use cry-it-out techniques with infants, to train them to sleep in the "right" way (alone, at night).’
      • ‘A world of experts and journalists tell parents about the safety of "controlled crying" or "cry-it-out" techniques to make babies sleep.’