Meaning of cry out for in English:

cry out for

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phrasal verb

  • cry out for somethingDemand something as a self-evident requirement or solution.

    ‘the present system cries out for reform’
    • ‘They cry out for solutions that, like the problems themselves, also cross frontiers.’
    • ‘It's a deeply unsatisfactory system, and one which cries out for reform - though not in the direction desired by the free marketeers.’
    • ‘This country is still crying out for an effective political system that responds to them and listens to the people.’
    • ‘This is the sort of outdoor sports clothing that women have been crying out for - something feminine and well styled.’
    • ‘We want to give Skipton girls a real chance to compete for every kind of job - especially skills the country is crying out for.’
    • ‘Stewart and his wife Linda now look certain to create the kind of global telecoms company that Scotland is crying out for.’
    • ‘After two fairly ghastly days at work, a dose of high culture was exactly what my frazzled out little brain was crying out for.’
    • ‘It is a facility the town is crying out for and one that will be warmly welcomed by virtually everyone.’
    • ‘And we are crying out for more leisure and other amenities in what is still a very deprived area.’
    • ‘The game is crying out for one governing body that is both streamlined and fully accountable to the clubs.’
    • ‘Infrastructure is something we are crying out for and is sadly lacking in many parts.’
    • ‘The initial response suggests it is the kind of thing that the game has been crying out for.’
    • ‘The fact that these are precisely the issues that most cry out for free and open debate seems to matter not at all.’
    • ‘Much of the evidence presented cries out for reforms.’
    • ‘None of what has happened cries out for radical reform.’
    • ‘Yet, despite his awareness of the literature across regional and national boundaries, his essays cry out for further comparative scholarship.’
    • ‘His play fictionalises a story that cries out for more direct factual treatment.’
    • ‘Gale also comes into her own, her fleeting portrayal of woman-wronged a moving mix of innocence and patience that cries out for more stage time.’
    • ‘The problems are the shared responsibility of humankind and cry out for solutions that, like the problems themselves, also cross frontiers.’
    • ‘I wish he were with us now; our times cry out for someone with Orwell's gifts of clear-eyed observation and analysis.’
    require, demand, need, necessitate, call for
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