Meaning of cry stinking fish in English:

cry stinking fish


  • Disparage one's own efforts or products.

    ‘those in racing should go forward together and stop crying stinking fish’
    • ‘This is not a question of Labor crying stinking fish or being worried about the result or whatever.’
    • ‘If the examples aren't forthcoming, then maybe his criticism is cheating, by crying stinking fish with nary a fishbone or cacase in sight.’
    • ‘The companies involved are not going to cry stinking fish for sell.’
    • ‘Optimists and apologists for Britain's troubles bravely insist: ‘I'm not going to cry stinking fish.’’
    • ‘Those contemporary English liberals and intellectuals who cry stinking fish in their own backyard, and celebrate every ethnic identity but their own, do so out of the same deep sense of superiority as their forebears, but it is today a superiority which they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge to themselves; that would be racism, and indeed it is.’