Meaning of cry uncle in English:

cry uncle


(also say uncle)
informal North American
  • Surrender or admit defeat.

    • ‘he fought for a while, but he pretty quickly cried uncle’
    • ‘Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the bad guys are either dead or cry uncle.’
    • ‘Plenty of people thought we should have just let the Confederate states go their own way in 1861 - but even they knew that if we beat General Lee on the field and occupied enough of the South, that the CSA would cry uncle and quit.’
    • ‘I will hound that poor excuse of a human being until he yells uncle or stops posting vapid, unproven horse nonsense that all of you seem to believe.’
    • ‘We want to hose someone with verbiage until they yell uncle.’
    • ‘I'm pretty strong for my size so I was going to hold it like that until he said uncle.’
    • ‘You might think the banks would be crying uncle by now.’
    • ‘Not all of them, I regret to report, are crying uncle.’
    • ‘The tech lobby isn't likely to cry uncle any faster.’
    • ‘The stubborn one-time peanut vendor may have to cry uncle again.’
    • ‘We gave our rep a quick call to complain, but it became apparent the only way to go home was to cry uncle on the radio.’