Meaning of cryer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌɪə/


archaic spelling of crier
‘Sadly, as with many good things, doom cryers scurried up from their disgruntled burrows, saw people having a good time, and cudgeled the party.’
  • ‘And these girls are a big group of cryers, so you're going to see a lot of crying.’
  • ‘Well being a bit of a cryer myself I really don't understand how people, particularly men, get away with not crying because to me it's such an amazing emotional outlet and it seems to be one that I take full advantage of.’
  • ‘He's never been a cryer, so this was unusual and distressing.’
  • ‘I can't remember how I heard - Town cryer, smoke signal, carrier pigeon,’
  • ‘It could be because she might be the best onscreen cryer we have (I know plenty of people who cry as soon as she does in almost any film).’
  • ‘It is alleged that he failed to declare his work as cryer, toastmaster and part-time clown in claims he made for housing benefit, council tax and income support over the last three years.’