Meaning of cryobiological in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkrʌɪəʊbʌɪəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/


See cryobiology

‘The sleeve maintains a consistently low temperature throughout the vertically disposed shelves of the cryobiological materials contained within the inner tank.’
  • ‘The study of this tiny insect named Belgica antarctica provides an outreach program to students from elementary to high school but it also has important cryobiological and medical implications.’
  • ‘Closed trucks or vans are not recommended for transporting cryobiological storage containers; ventilation is required to prevent nitrogen gas from accumulating.’
  • ‘Developing reliable methods for cryopreserving biological materials requires a thorough understanding of their cryobiological properties.’
  • ‘In the case of cryobiological applications, these properties can depend dramatically on temperature and at the micro and nanoscale will vary with crystallization, vitrification or eutectic phases present.’