Meaning of cryopreservation in English:



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See cryopreserve

‘To date, the only publicised attempt at human ovarian autotransplantation after cryopreservation was unsuccessful because folliculogenesis returned only for a short time.’
  • ‘These activities include development of new and lower cost methods for cryopreservation, new methods for testing for pathogens, and new methods for ‘cloning’ rats by nuclear transfer techniques.’
  • ‘Men who are about to start chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease are usually offered semen cryopreservation.’
  • ‘It was excised, confirmed with an incisional biopsy, and sent for cryopreservation.’
  • ‘A network of zoos and aquariums specializing in new reproductive tech (in vitro fertilization, cryopreservation, embryo transfer) and hoping to return those creatures born of assisted reproduction to the wild.’