Meaning of cryostat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌɪə(ʊ)stat/


  • 1An apparatus for maintaining a very low temperature.

    ‘Temperature was controlled by a gold-chromel thermocouple at the base of the cryostat and monitored with an identical thermocouple immersed directly in the sample (approximately 3 mm above the illuminated volume) during measurement.’
    • ‘The sample was then mounted in a cryostat and cooled down rapidly.’
    • ‘The spectrometer was modified to incorporate an Oxford cryostat at the sample compartment.’
    • ‘Using cyromolds that have been chilled on dry ice or in the cryostat, use a layer of OCT embeding compound and press the tissue to the bottom of the flat surface.’
    • ‘To achieve temperatures of 77 K, we used a liquid nitrogen cryostat.’
  • 2A cold chamber in which frozen tissue is divided with a microtome.

    as modifier ‘cryostat sections about 5μm thick’
    • ‘Heads and bodies of wild-type flies were cut into 12-m sections using a cryostat and hybridized with the relevant probe.’
    • ‘A post-doc was working on a cryostat, cutting microscopically thin sections of tissue.’
    • ‘Smooth muscle area was determined in 8-m-thick cryostat lung sections.’
    • ‘Twelve-micrometer serial sections of head or body were cut in a cryostat at - 18°.’
    • ‘The cross section of the cervical tissue containing both the epithelium and stroma was exposed by shaving off layers of the embedding medium and tissue using a cryostat.’